How to integrate Mentimeter activities into Twygo

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To integrate Mentimeter into Twygo, start by logging in or creating a new account on the platform. Both options are located in the upper right corner of the homepage: 

If you are going to create a new account, follow the steps indicated on the screen and choose the options that are best for you. 

Start with registration: 

Choose how you will use Mentimeter: 

Finish marking the main objectives and click on Save

On the next screen, choose the best plan for you and click Continue 

After choosing the plan, a pop-up window will appear to start creating presentations: 

Select the model you prefer and customize it to your liking

Information needs to be filled in the right corner. 

After filling in the information on the side: 

In the upper right menu it is possible to change the theme, have some examples of presentations. 

When the presentation is finished, select the Share box located in the upper right corner:


Select the Presentation sharing box, and below it the Embed results box. With that, your presentation has been copied and you can now paste the code into Twygo. So your presentation code has been copied and you can paste it into Twygo. 

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